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VARIChair® Active chair basic

  • Dynamic range of movement both sitting and standing
  • Free shipping
  • Air-lift piston mechanism
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Minimal footprint
  • Low profile back to promote good posture

Want to get more out of your VARIDESK? Looking for a way to stay active when you’re sitting? The VARIChair® Active chair basic, is the perfect addition to your active office.

Designed to engage your leg, back and core muscles, the VARIChair gives you the freedom to move throughout your day, letting you stay active while seated or leaning. Its low back encourages good posture while seated, and the durable, cushioned seat and articulating pedestal offer a wide range of motion, so you can rock or stretch while sitting. If you choose to raise the stool and lean while standing, you can still work your legs, back, and core.

The air-lift piston also raises the seat up to 83.19 cm, allowing you to lean comfortably when standing. Like other VARIDESK products, this office chair comes fully assembled. Simply remove it from the box and you’re ready to go.


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