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VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 48 Standing Station

  • Free shipping

  • Adjusts to 11 different heights

  • Fixed keyboard deck lifts with display surface

  • Switches from sitting to standing position in just 3 seconds

  • Spring-assisted lifting mechanism

  • Fully assembled; no installation required

  • 120 cm of work surface

  • Holds up to 20.4 kg

The VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 48 is a height-adjustable standing desk designed with a spacious upper display surface and lower keyboard and mouse desk.

If you like the two-tier design, but need to fit multiple monitors or extra hardware on your standing desktop, you’ll want the VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 48 stand up desk. It also holds up to 20.4 kg of your gear, while staying steady and solid at any height. VariDesk is the affordable sit-stand desk solution that lets you switch easily between sitting and standing in just a few seconds. It ships fully assembled and ready-to-use – just put it right on top of your current desk, and you’re ready to work.

Technical Specifications