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VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 30 Standing Station

  • 76.2 cm wide for smaller, single monitor setups 

  • Two-tier design: upper display surface, lower keyboard/mouse deck

  • Holds up to 15.8 kg

  • Sits on top of existing desk

  • Sturdy and stable even when fully extended

The Pro Plus 30 is a standing desk sized to accommodate those with single monitor setups or those with limited space. The two-tiered design with separate keyboard/mouse deck gives you plenty of room for basics and accessories with the added convenience of never having to move any components when raising or lowering your VariDesk.

Like all VariDesk stand up desk models, the VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 30 features our patented, spring-assisted lift mechanism that allows you to raise and lower it almost effortlessly in just seconds, making it a true sit stand desk. It can hold up to 15.8 kg with ease and stays sturdy and stable even at its fully extended height.

Technical Specifications