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Devices Enable and Encourage Prolonged Sitting

We sit for many hours in front of our computer, in front of the television, with a smartphone, in waiting rooms, in restaurants and… well, pretty much everywhere. We even commute sitting. This causes us to spend on average at least ten hours a day sitting, and eight hours sleeping. That’s a lot of hours of not moving.  Yet moving is precisely what our bodies want to be doing – need to be doing in order to feel our best. Our muscles are barely getting any use, and struggle when we do demand of them. We are gaining weight and our bodies are crying out for help.

What’s the solution? Get up (and then down again, and then up again.)

Our first recommendation is simply to stand up, encouraging blood flow and using different muscles. We know that most of us don’t enjoy working for hours straight standing up either. That is why we have brought VARIDESK to Israel, the world’s market leader in the innovative variable desk, allowing you to work while sitting or standing, adjusting throughout the day when you want, at the height that is unique to you, with negligible transition time.

You don’t think working standing up is for you? We have solutions that can help you feel and work better, even while sitting:

1. Increase the Blood flow to your Legs.

Footrests, from elaborately designed ones to plain old plastic make a serious difference when it comes to boosting circulation. There are a number of options to choose from, so you can find one that will improve leg positioning and bloodflow for you, so prop your feet up.

2. Elevate your Screen.

You can rest your monitor on a pile of books or you can purchase a professional monitor stand or arm to adjust it to the proper height. There is a significant ergonomic difference to working with your monitor at proper eye level and it truly impacts the comfort level of your back and neck.

3. Invest in a really good chair.

Really good chairs can sometimes seem surprisingly pricey, but you will definitely get your money’s worth in productivity and comfort at work. Take the time to pick out a chair that isn’t just an expensive or beautiful “executive” chair, but is an ergonomic, orthopedic chair tested by experts, believe us, your body will thank you.  


Devices Enable and Encourage Prolonged Sitting