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Exercise isn't Enough

Even if you get a full night’s sleep, eat a full, healthy breakfast and exercise, after two hours of sitting consecutively in front of a computer, you’re most likely to feel sleepy, in need of a good nap or at least have the strong desire to “take a break” for ten minutes. But your work requires focus and concentration, and you can’t really take the breaks you crave. Maybe your body is trying to tell you something?

Your body is signaling to you its need for variety.  Humans are designed for movement, that is how we are built; not to sit for prolonged periods of time in exactly the same position.  Whether it is gardening, playing outside, or washing dishes, other activities that we do throughout the day give our bodies an opportunity to vary our movements. The same should be true at the office.

The World is Waking up…

Today, a growing number of offices, factories, schools and universities allow and even encourage their employees and students to stand during work or class. Many offices around the world have purchased our adjustable work stations from the American branch of VARIDESK as standard office equipment to improve employee work efficiency. The advantage is clear: the ease of transition from sitting to standing, the lack of installation or need to purchase a new table, and the ease in which Varidesk can be easily moved from one table to another make it the best choice for companies wishing to invest in their employees’ comfort and output.

The End of Back Pain

Findings out of the Mayo Clinic, Texas A&M and other leading research institutions prove the significant benefit in reducing back pain and fatigue while increasing productivity from varying one’s work between sitting and standing throughout the day. Being able to move but continue working allows employees to continue focusing for more hours, with fewer breaks, less pain, and more energy all without wasting time- with Varidesk, the adjustment from sitting to standing or vis versa takes only 3 seconds.