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How to Sit Properly at Work

So what is the proper way to sit at your computer? Most of us spend the majority of our day sitting in front of a computer screen at work. Even when we leave the office, it doesn’t stop there. We are usually hunched over a smartphone, with our shoulders and neck in an uncomfortable stooped position for an extended period of time.

To avoid neck and back pain, here are a few basic rules for sitting at your computer in the healthiest way possible:  

  1. The center (not the top) of your screen / monitor should be at eye level.

  2. The monitor itself should be at a height that doesn’t require slouching or hunching over to work with the entire screen area.  

  3. Your chair should be at a good height in relation to your desk, to get the proper height, make sure your elbows are at an exact ninety-degree angle from your table while you are typing.

  4. The keyboard should be about 20 cm from your body.

  5. Your mouse should be close to your keyboard, placed so that that your elbows can remain resting on the table comfortably.  

  6. Place your feet on a surface under your desk that allows them to be comfortably stretched in front of you, not tucked under your chair.

Tired at work? Having trouble focusing? Here is the reason.

We didn’t always sit at work. Before the Industrial Revolution, in fact, most people didn’t sit at all while working. We produced, we worked in the fields, spent time at home and we even studied without sitting for prolonged periods of time. Then, everything changed. Factories became the main source of jobs, moving outdoor work indoors, and  changing the way we work, forever. The norm became to work in a seated position for long hours, hunched over, attached to chairs. Our bodies have yet to adjust to this new style, causing the familiar ailments of back and neck pains working people suffer today.

How to Sit Properly at Work